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Glen Grant

Built in 1840 by brothers John and James Grant, previously illicit distillers, this landmark Rothes distillery overlooks the majestic River Spey. Glen Grant Distillery draws its water from the Caperdonich Well, the same water source as its now mothballed sister distillery, Caperdonich. Legend has it that a spirit pipe ran between the two; this was prone to ‘interference’ at night from the local townsfolk who fancied a sly, illicit dram or two!

Today, Glen Grant is famed internationally for its smooth, elegant whisky produced by the distillery’s unique stills – these have an almost square section between the pot and neck and purifiers on the lyne arms. These uncommon additions lend to the world renowned deliciously light, fruity, and gentle character that mature wonderfully in both bourbon and Sherry casks.