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Connoisseurs Choice 1997

from Glenrothes Distillery (cask strength)

Created in 1968 by whisky visionary, George Urquhart, over the years this range has featured single malts from almost 100 Scottish distilleries. Comprising more than 2,000 individual bottlings, each Connoisseurs Choice tells its life story through its label: cask type, bottling date, strength, vintage and tasting note.


Stewed RAISIN aromas with hints of TOFFEE and underlying ORANGE PEEL.


Creamy and sweet with VANILLA, RASPBERRY and CRANBERRY followed by hints of CINNAMON and CLOVE. MILK CHOCOLATE and ROASTED HAZELNUT flavours develop alongside CHARRED OAK.


Medium in length with lingering DRIED FRUIT flavours with SPICY PEPPER.

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