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Cask Strength

This range was discontinued in the spring of 2018.

The refreshed 'Connoisseurs Choice' range now contains a variety of whiskies bottled at cask strength.

Below you will find historical information about our retired 'Cask Strength' range.

Our 'Cask Strength' collection captured single malt whisky direct from our skillfully coopered casks. Delivering a full spectrum of flavour compounds - from sweet vanilla and tropical fruit notes to rich toffee, dark chocolate, and spice tones - each whisky in this range demonstrated how the cask and spirit interact at natural cask strength.

During the extensive process of cask assessment, we regularly draw samples from our maturing stocks of whisky. We assess each with the knowledge handed down through four generations of the Urquhart family.

Built up over these generations, each sample is tasted at natural cask strength and our evaluation determines the ultimate fate of the cask: liberate a vibrant vintage for bottling; or leave it to continue maturing, gaining even more complexity.

Each bottling in the 'Cask Strength' range had a unique ABV, which is ultimately determined by the casks themselves. Once bottled, it allows you to enjoy the whisky as a perfect cask strength expression, or with a touch of water, releasing even more layers of detail and personality.

This is single malt Scotch whisky, straight from the cask.