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St Magdalene

Also known as the Linlithgow Distillery, St Magdalene was established mid-eighteenth century. At the turn of the nineteenth century, Provost Adam Dawson owner and distiller on the adjacent Bonnytoun Farm, purchased the distillery and transferred over the bulk of his operations. When the two distilleries merged in 1826, it was officially renamed in recognition of the site it occupied – St Magdalene’s Cross once home to a mediaeval fayre and chapel.

From its prime positioning between the Union Canal and the rail links, the distillery grew in production capacity and area; the site, covering ten acres, was large by both Victorian and Edwardian standards having the ability to distil 1 million litres of alcohol per year.

St Magdalene Distillery was the last of the five Linlithgow distilleries to close, steadily producing a smooth light and fruity spirit until 1983. A very rare single malt indeed, this spirit matures well in both Sherry and bourbon casks. Our ‘Rare Old’ bottlings bring to light the depth of this lost gem.