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Glen Scotia

One of three distilleries operating in the once prolific Campbeltown region, Glen Scotia is one of the most resilient distilleries in Scotland. In 1832, in the town of Campbeltown, the Scotia Distillery was founded and remained the ownership of the original licensees until 1895. The distillery continued to produce ‘Scotia’ distillate until 1933, when the owners at the time prefaced the distillery’s name with ‘Glen’.

The Glen Scotia Distillery has weathered the region’s uncertainties and maintained a relatively stable existence. In its 185 year history, the distillery has been pretty consistent with its production, albeit on a small scale. It has only ceased production twice (1928 and 1984) for a total of ten years, with an additional five year period in the late 90s when the stills worked intermittently.

An inspiring example of how Scotch whisky can successfully ride the turbulent waters of time; Glen Scotia Distillery retains much of its original buildings, design, and charm. Its short squat stills produce a heavy oily spirit that matures well in both Sherry and bourbon casks. Explore this intriguing malt in The MacPhail’s Collection’ range.