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‘A much-loved Lowland treasure’ is a fair description of the Bladnoch Distillery. One of the Lowland region’s surviving stalwarts, Bladnoch has survived a number of periods of uncertainty; in fact, since its founding in 1817, the distillery has ceased production three times including a full liquidation and dismantling in 1937 and 1993. The distillery, independently owned by Raymond Armstrong, fired up its re-equipped stills in 2000.

Bladnoch’s location on the outskirts of Wigtown in Dumfries makes it the most southerly of all operational Scotch whisky distilleries. The Bladnoch spirit – light, fragrant, and fruity – is a perfect snapshot of a Lowland single malt. The spirit matures well in both Sherry and bourbon casks; its single malts are a definite surprise on the palate: classic approachable soft aromas combine with malty, almost chocolate-led, notes.

Although it is the only active Lowland distillery bottled by us, our current ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ vintage is from the last year of production before it was mothballed in the 1990s.