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The perfect match

The wood makes the whisky

Our most valuable asset is our experience. We have been experimenting with an unrivalled range of spirit since 1895, studying the interaction with different casks over time. This knowledge has been honed over four generations of the owning family to create complex, subtle and balanced whisky of impeccable quality


Liquid library

At the heart of our business lies the sample room, its contents an unrivalled depth and breadth of single malt Scotch whiskies found nowhere else in the world.

Our unrivalled collection is a liquid library of distilleries, age profiles and whisky character.

But these exceptional snapshots in time are not heirlooms there to impress. They exist to help inform and shape our future decision-making. Generations before us have maintained this invaluable legacy of knowledge, which allows us to continue its precise understanding of the effect of perfect maturation in oak casks.

Referring back to these unique expressions of the past ensures that our legacy of great whiskies can continue, as each future sample we place on our shelves becomes a valuable piece of history.



We nurture our relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we only fill the best quality casks.

Our team travels to Jerez regularly to continue hand selecting our casks and we have also maintained our historical association with the Speyside Cooperagein Craigellachie.