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The Lowlands whisky region encompasses the area south of the imaginary line between Dundee on the Firth of Tay and Greenock on the River Clyde. Traditionally, the Lowland spirit was triple distilled producing a single malt distinctly different from the other regions. Lowland whiskies were renowned for their light, clean, delicate, and highly approachable style.

Despite being thin on the ground there is a renaissance of interest for the delightfully fruity, floral characteristics of Lowland whiskies. Presently, there are six operational distilleries (only four distilleries are currently producing commercially available single malts) including Bladnoch, the most southerly Scottish distillery.

This once thriving region was an undisputed powerhouse of single malt distillation, boasting no fewer than thirty-one distilleries in 1797; collectively, these distilleries produced a staggering 82% of the legal whisky that same year. Almost two centuries later, between the late 70s and early 90s, pressures across the industry led to the closure and demolition of many Lowland distilleries. Now lost, the legendary distilleries of Inverleven, Kinclaith, Littlemill, Rosebank, and St Magdalene are not forgotten; these classics are still available in our ‘Rare Old’ range.