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Situated in the lower reaches of the Kintyre peninsula, the region takes its name from the main town Campbeltown. In the 1800s it became a centre for Scotch whisky production; by the middle of the nineteenth century nearly thirty licensed producers were in operation; and in 1885, when writer Alfred Barnard visited the region, over twenty distilleries were still in operation.

The history of whisky distilling in Campbeltown has charted many ups and downs. In the nineteenth century it was a powerhouse, in fact, Campbeltown claimed to be the whisky capital of the world. Overproduction, changing dynamics in the shipping industry, and a stifled economy during the twenties took its toll on the region.

Today, just three distilleries fly the flag of this once great region: Springbank, Glen Scotia, and Glengyle.

For a taste of the region, try our bottlings from Glen Scotia. Founded in 1832 during the heart of the Campbeltown whisky boom, the distillery that still stands as a great ambassador for the region, its whisky, a reflection of the region’s the passion and gusto.