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Speymalt from Macallan Distillery

As of the spring 2018, 'Speymalt from Macallan Distillery' will continue to be bottled occasionally; however, it will only be released in selected worldwide markets. 

We have been the purveyor of fine goods across three centuries and over many years we have built up and nurtured special relationships with local producers. Amongst these are a number of local whisky producers in the Speyside region from whom we purchase new-make spirit to be matured in our own oak casks.

However, there is only one distillery for whom we reserve the title 'Speymalt from Macallan Distillery'.

Established in 1824 and situated overlooking the fishing beats on the River Spey, the Macallan Distillery produces a wonderfully complex spirit which we then carefully mature in quality oak casks ordered specifically for the 'Speymalt from Macallan Distillery' range.

Each bottling carries the vintage of distillation and the year of bottling, capturing an exceptionally mature single malt whisky.