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Rare Old

This range was discontinued in the spring of 2018.

The whiskies previously bottled under this range will now be released under the refreshed 'Private Collection' range, available in the autumn of 2018.

Below you will find historical information about our retired 'Rare Old' range.

Our 'Rare Old' range captured lost gems from a bygone era of single malt Scotch whisky production. This was a reflective collection of expertly matured whiskies - many of which are were distilleries long forgotten, now permanently joining the angels.

Some of these distilleries have been mothballed, others closed completely. Our 'Rare Old' range captured the legacy left by these now departed grand old men of whisky. Often ‘Victims of Circumstance’, these whiskies have been silently maturing, slowly finding their own unique voice, and today, they have come to represent some of the finest ever expressions distilled in Scotland.

The 'Rare Old' range includes the bold flavours of the Highland distillery Brora and the beautifully subtle smokiness of the now legendary Islay distillery, Port Ellen; both distilleries permanently closed in the latter part of the twentieth century. In contrast to these highly complex flavours are the unusually triple-distilled, delicate floral fruitiness of the Rosebank Distillery from the Lowlands, and the multi-layered richness of Dufftown’s Convalmore Distillery, which finally closed its doors in 1985.

A snapshot in time, each release from the 'Rare Old' range serves as a reminder of Scotland’s rich distilling heritage, showcasing whisky from forgotten stills. A bygone era bottled.