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As an introduction to our portfolio, Discovery is curated to offer an utterly dependable and consistent choice of our finest single malt whiskies.

Each expression sits within the bold flavour profiles of either 'Sherry', 'Smoky', or 'Bourbon', making these single malts the perfect match for the whisky-lover who enjoys exploration through flavour and character.


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Each of the three bold flavour profiles has a bespoke illustration in a contemporary linocut style, with the cask head taking centre stage. These convey an element of the whisky making process that adds depth, character, and flavour: either by malting the barley with peat which gives a ‘Smoky’ profile or via the maturation vessels – ‘Bourbon’ or ‘Sherry’ casks.

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A smoky scene. Peat is fired, embers smoulder, and the smoke rises to malt the barley, all of these elements represent the flavour profile of the ‘Smoky’ expressions. Subtle, specific key words further describe the flavours of these peated single malts.


An idyllic scene.  Citrus and tropical fruit sit atop a bourbon cask end; these are typical flavours resulting from maturation in bourbon barrels. Key words along with citrus trees growing amongst the rolling hills of warmer climes further describe the flavours of these ‘Bourbon’ expressions.

bourbon (1).jpg


Illustrative expression of a classical warehouse style scene. Sherry casks patiently mature further emphasising the importance of the wood on the whiskies of the ‘Sherry’ expressions. Subtle key words dance around the casks further describing the impact this maturation has on these quality single malts.