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What shapes the character of twins?

Twins have fascinated different cultures around the world for millennia.

Some twins are inseparable, almost identical in character as well as physical form, mischievously keen to mislead. Others develop differently, keen to explore and celebrate their own individuality.

So how much do these similarities and diversities evolve? How much of character is shaped by the environment and how much is pre-destined by DNA?

To mark the upcoming launch of our new twin cask Private Collection from Longmorn Distillery 1961, which has been personally selected by identical twins Richard & Stuart Urquhart, Professor David Purdie, a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh has worked with our Director of Prestige, Stephen Rankin to uncover what shapes character in twins - the effect of heritage, environment and location.

In two, three-minute ‘twin’ films available below, they explore the subject and reveal how this parallel could be applied to twin whiskies.