Tasting Packages

Our tasting sessions can be arranged for parties of two or more, from as little as £20 per person.  Age, strength and rarity of the whiskies tasted are taken into account when pricing the tasting, the older/rarer the whisky, the more expensive the tasting! (5 days notice required for all tastings)

Regional Tasting Experiences

Scotland Experience - £30pp

With this tasting you will explore Scotland’s different whisky regions with a sample from each one. From the fruity and fresh whiskies coming from along the world famous River Spey; to the salty and robust whiskies from along the shores of the Scottish Islands; across to the peat-laden Isle of Islay with its sea influences and maritime malts; to the vastness of the Scottish Highlands encompassing a landscape filled with unique and varied characteristics, down to the Scottish Lowlands with their light and floral style. You will leave with a grasp on how the region impacts the initial delicate spirit and how it goes on to influence the final maturing whisky.

Speyside Experience - £30pp

Explore unique whiskies from the most prolific region in Scotland: Speyside. Coming from along the banks of the world famous River Spey, stretching from the Cairngorms to Spey Bay, Speyside whiskies are famed the world over for their fruity, sweet quality. Known as the “Premier Cru” of all malt whiskies and with over 50 operational distilleries in the region there is a Speyside dram to suit everyone.

Islay Experience - £30pp

Known as the ‘Queen of the Hebrides’ the island of Islay is haven for whisky lovers and nature fanatics alike. Gordon & MacPhail has long worked with Islay’s distilleries to independently bottle whisky from them – both peated and un-peated. This experience offers you the chance to sample these Islay bottlings. A mix of deep smoky whiskies alongside some lighter, sweeter expressions will give you an understanding of the island’s complexity and how the character of the malt is really determined.

Highland Experience - £30pp

The vast Highlands of Scotland are home to many of its distilleries – it is after all, in terms of geography the largest region, from the Northern point of Wick down to the kingdom of Fife, through Perthshire and over to Oban in the West. Each Highland whisky has its own unique story and history. Gordon & MacPhail work with many of the Highland distilleries to bottle the character of each –whether it is fruity or sweet or salty. This tasting experience is a chance to taste the difference that geography can make.

Peated Tasting Experience - £30pp

This tasting experience encompasses samples of Gordon & MacPhail's peated whiskies. The levels of peat vary widely across Scotland's distilleries - from the smoky shores of Islay with its abundance of unique peat to its wilder and more remote Islands each with their individual identities - to the smoky Speyside and Highland malts, this tasting caters for the palate that appreciates peat in all its glory.

Food Pairing Experiences

Whisky & Cheese Experience - £35pp

This experience incorporates Gordon & MacPhail’s whiskies paired with specially selected cheeses from our retail shop’s famous Delicatessen. From rich, intense blues to the lightest of cheddars; from dark and smoky to creamy and crumbly, there is a whisky for every type of cheese and a cheese for every whisky.

Whisky & Chocolate Experience - £35pp

From the classic Milk Praline to the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle, Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier is the master of his craft. We have paired up with Iain to bring you this exclusive tasting. We have carefully matched Iain’s award-winning, luxurious chocolates to compliment our selection of whiskies. The pairings are created with the intention to bring out the best of both the whisky and the chocolate.

Great for Larger Groups

Blind Tasting Experience - £30pp 

This fun experience lets you explore your senses with a selection of whiskies from across the G&M range. We will introduce you to aromas which you may experience everyday but we take away the luxury of sight to test your ability to pick out individual scents. Can you smell the difference between a blend and a single malt? Can you find the cognac hidden in the mix? Is there a grain whisky lurking amongst the rest? Get competitive with your nose to discover how finely tuned your palate is.

Gordon & MacPhail Label Experiences

Cask Strength Experience - £40pp

A tasting of whisky for the connoisseur, this experience allows you an insight into our Cask Strength range spanning the length of Scotland. With editions in the range from Islay, Speyside and The Highlands at a higher ABV than standard this tasting is for those who wish to see what whisky directly from the cask has to offer.

Rare Vintage Tasting - £60pp

Gordon & MacPhail’s collection of old and exclusive whiskies is unparalleled in the industry. This is a unique and memorable experience allowing you to sample rare and limited whiskies spanning the decades. With a mixture of regions and ages, this tasting is like no other as it allows you to sip liquid history.

Connoisseur's Choice Experience - £30pp

Enjoy a tasting of whiskies selected from our Connoisseur’s Choice range. This range encompasses whisky from all across Scotland – stretching from Speyside across the Highlands, to Scotland’s remote Islands and down to its Lowlands. This tasting allows you to experience whisky from some of Scotland’s lesser known distilleries alongside its more famous and noted ones.

Educational Experiences

The Wood Makes the Whisky Experience - £45pp

Gordon & MacPhail’s dedication to quality starts with the casks we use. This unique tasting experience will allow you the chance to gain an insight into why the wood is so important to the final whisky. Many assume the cask's previous contents to be the heaviest influence of style in the whisky but the type of oak and its intricacies are equally as important. This tasting will let you compare different cask samples from some of Gordon & MacPhail's most exclusive editions.

Introduction to G&M - £20pp

An introductory session which will immerse you in the Gordon & MacPhail history and our famous and award-winning ranges. A tutored nosing & tasting of our most popular expressions. This session will teach you the basics of getting the most from your whisky. It will incorporate the misconceptions about the addition of water and the ‘traditional way’ to drink whisky.

Back to Basics - £30pp

Learn about the history and heritage of Scotch whisky, from its roots in Ireland and journey to Scotland in the 6th century, to the colossal industry it has become in the 21st century - this tasting experience will also teach you the basics of production and maturation of Scotch whisky. At Gordon & MacPhail we employ a practical approach to our lessons and will sample a variety of whiskies from across our ranges along the way.

Terms & Conditions

A deposit of £5.00 per person is required when booking, this is non-refundable.

Please note that we may change any whisky chosen at any time if unavailable.

For details please  telephone 01343 545110, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or just pop in.



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